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Neverborn Miniatures for the Malifaux War Game

You can find all the Neverborn Miniatures, Models, and Figures here on our web store. Buy new models or trade in your old ones for store credit. You can even have us assemble and paint them at high levels. Game with the Gods here with Blue Table Painting.

The Neverborn Faction are those creatures of horror that only existed in the nightmares of the Malifaux Citizens. But now because of the breach of the great barrier, they have been forced to come face to face with those nightmares. The Guild, particularily the Ortega Family, have spent their lives trying to snuff out these monsters to no avail. They have killed hundreds of Neverborn but they keep coming back for more.  The Neverborn Armies prey on Malifaux citizens, holding all out raids, and sometimes just killing random passerbys for fun. Take down the city of Malifaux with your Neverborn Army today!

Neverborn miniatures from the Malifaux War Game and Wyrd Miniatures Neverborn figures from the Malifaux War Game and Wyrd miniatures