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Arcanist Miniatures from the Malifaux War Game

Purchased used and brand new Arcanist Miniatures off of our web store here at Blue Table Painting. These miniatures come unassembled and unpainted so have our amazing team of artists do a custom job on your army today.

The Arcanist Faction is a group of Malifaux citizens who have honed their ability to use magic enough that they can defy the Guild and their relentless persecution of the gifted. They are pursued tirelessly but are popular amongst the other less powerful citizens who cheer them on. The town of Malifaux has also set up secret places for the runaway Arcanists to hide and take refuge. Like every Malifaux Faction the Arcanists are divided into masters, Minions, and Totems. Choose your Arcanists Models to fight the powers of the guild and defend the citizens of Malifaux. 

Arcanist Miniatures from the Malifaux War Game Arcanist miniatures from the Malifaux War Game

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