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Malifaux Miniatures, Models, Accessories, and Terrain from Wyrd Miniatures

We have hundreds of miniatures to play in the Malifaux War Game. All the new in box models are in stock and we also get trade ins every day. Wether you are looking to buy, sell, or trade Blue Table Painting is the place for you. Choose from six different factions in this demented universe:

Arcanists- Those who have been able to hone their powers and become truly magical.Malifaux Miniatures from Wyrd Studios

Guild- Exist to protect the citizens of Malifaux and produce as many soulstones as possible.

Neverborn- Are the stuff of nightmares. They stalk the citizens of Malifaux and prey on the weak

Resurrectionists- Necromancers who bring corpses back to life as mindless puppets to control

Ten Thunders- A quiet group of mafia like family members from the east.

Outcasts- Those who are not directly linked to any faction in Malifaux and vie for themselves.

Their are hundreds of miniatures in each faction. Who will you lead in your next epic battle of Malifaux.

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