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Wood Elves

Wood Elves Miniatures for Warhammer Fantasy 

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The Wood Elves live in the woods surrounding Bretonnia. They are very tall and slender making them quick in battle.  The Wood Elf Army isn't just about soldiers, the forest itself is full of magic and contributes greatly to the strength of the Wood Elves. Spirits inhabit the forest trees and are generally called Dryads. They take the form of beautiful maidens, enticing humans and other creatures deeper into the forest before ripping them to shreds. The Elven army is broken up into several units:

Wood Elf Miniature Mage from the Warhammer Fantasy War GameLords- Highborn, Spell Weavers, and Treemen. These are the most powerful among the ranks of Wood Elves

Heroes- Spell Singer, Noble, Branch Wraiths.  They consist of Mages, powerful Dryads, and lesser nobles

Core Units- Glade Riders, Glade Scouts, Eternal Guards, and Dryads. Impressive long ranged bowman, sneekily clever dryads, and graceful elves who almost seem to flow through the trees themselves.

Special Units- War Dancers, who wear no armor and are immune to psychological power.  Warhawk Riders, Sweep through the battle field atop a giant hawk.  Tree Kin- They have attached themselves spiritually to dead trees and are able to animate them in danger. 


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