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Warriors of Chaos

Warriors of Chaos Models for Warhammer Fantasy

Purchase new on spure and used Warriors of Chaos Models from our ever expanding inventory. Complete your Chaos Army with one of these unique and powerful figures.

Warriors of Chaos Miniature for the Warhammer Fantasy War GameWarriors of Chaos come from the men who have sold their souls for Chaos power and glory. They come in many different forms and types depending on the Chaos Gods who rule them. Warriors of Chaos are close combat fighters. It is advised to avoid engaging them except from afar. You will be destroyed. Some examples of the Warriors of Chaos are:

Be'lakor the Dark Master- He was the first Daemon Prince. Angered by thousands of years of banishment he storms the battle field in rage.

Throgg the King of Trolls- He was created by the Chaos Gods with the gift of intelligence, and now rules the troll tribes

Arek DaemonClaw- He was once a lord of the Empire but slowly turned evil by the power of Chaos.  

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