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Vampire Counts

Vampire Miniatures for Warhammer Fantasy

You can find hundreds of new on spure and pre-owned Vampire Miniatures here on our web store. Build a custom and unique army with the help of Blue Table Paintings professional staff. 

Vampire Count Armies come from the old world and general area of Sylvania. They are much like the Vampires portrayed in modern media (not Edward). Like the Tomb Kings they are obssessed with the dead and how to raise it. The Vampire Armies come from several bloodlines from all over the old world. Their army structure consists of several factions:

Vampire Lords- Are faster, stronger, and smarter than most foes. They can drink blood during battle to regainVampire Counts Miniature for the Warhammer Fantasy War Game strength. They can fly in on Zombie Dragons if they wish, or ride in on thrones accompanied by pale women. Vampire Lords also have the ability to summon undead warriors to their aid in battle.

Strigoi Ghoul Kings- Are shunned by other vampires and therefore have become the most hate filled.

Master Necromancers- Are not Vampires themselves but are useful to the lords because of their undeadly power.

Wraiths- Evil women who have chosen to stay behind rather then pass on. They are powerful and have the ability to shreik fear into enemies

Vampire Counts have a miriad of other core, special and rare units. Blue Table Painting offers a huge selection of these models and offers the unique ability to have you trade in your old models for new shiny ones.

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