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Tomb Kings

Tomb Kings Miniatures for the Warhammer Fantasy War Game

Trade, Buy, or Sell your pre-owned and like new Tomb Kings miniatures here on the Blue Table Painting Web Store. We have a large selection of Tomb Kings Accessories and models to choose from when your looking to build a custom army.  

Tomb King Figures are much like the mummies and gods from ancient Eqyptian lore. They worship many different gods that rule every aspect of their lives.  Necromancers and priests are obssessed with reincarnation and the animation of the dead.  The Army structure of the Tomb Kings is quite large. Some of the miniatures you can choose from are:

Tomb Kings Miniature for the Warhammer Fantasy War GameTomb Kings: Kings that once ruled the ancient lands. They are very powerful and can lead your army to victory

Tomb Princes: Royal children of the throne that never inherited. They are slightly weaker then their father but can do well in battle.

Tomb Herald- Acts as a bodyguard to the royal family and carries a battle standard into war. 

Priests- Spellcasters, and Necromancers whose sole purpose is to reanimate the dead for battle. 

Skeleton Army- Undead skeletons who wield common weapons and armor. They are the bulk of the army and can come in many different forms.

Their are a host of other undead beasts, machines, and special characters to choose from when building your lethal Tomb Kings Army.

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