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Orcs and Goblins

Orcs and Goblins Miniatures for the Warhammer Fantasy War Game

Orcs and Goblins often come together in battle and are known as the Greenskins. Orcs are massive in size, bald, and have red eyes. They are used to bossing the smaller skinnier Goblins around because of size. Goblins are sneaky foul little creatures, who tend to be very cunning and very deceitful.  Their are hundreds of army and troop choices when it comes to the Orcs and Goblins. Choose from Forrest Goblins atop giant black spiders to squiggly beasts whose mouth covers almost their entire body. Take a look at our selection of pre-owned and like new miniatures below and build an orc and goblin army that is completely unique to Warhammer Fantasy. 

Orc Miniatures from the Warhammer Fantasy War Game Goblin Spider Model from the Warhammer Fantasy War Game

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