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Ogre Kingdoms

Ogre Kingdom Miniatures for Warhammer Fantasy

Purchase and trade Ogre Kingdoms Miniatures here at the Blue Table Painting store. We have a wide variety of used and like new items for you to begin building your perfect Ogre Army.  Ogres are known to sport huge guts and have large muscles that aid in protection and digestion. Their guts are almost sacred to them as they consider it the spiritual part of their body. They can eat anything and everything and have very thick skins. Ogres generally live together but have also been known to live and thrive with other fantasy species as well.  The Ogre Army Troops consist of:

Ogre Bulls- These guys make up the bulk of the Ogre Army. They are the foot soldiers. The biggest baddest Ironblaster Model from the Warhammer Fantasy War Gameof Ogre Bulls are the Bellowers, who yell confidence into the surrounding troops.

IronGuts- They have better armor and weapons then the regular bulls and are hand picked by the leaders or tyrants of the tribes. 

Leadbelchers- Carry canons into battle that are filled with everything from bombs to kitchen ware.

Maneaters- Have chosen the path of mercenary and traveler. They nearly always have unique and exotic weapons from wherever they have been and can eat nearly anything. 

Mournfang Cavalry- Are bulls that sit atop giant beasts of war during battle. 

Ironblaster- Giant cannons that are strapped to a beast and drug into war. 

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