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Lizardmen Models for the Warhammer Fantasy War Game

Listed below is our huge collection of Lizardment Miniatures for you to play in the Warhammer Fantasy Game. We have Pre-owned figures and even some new on sprue models. Have our amazing staff of artists paint them to fit your custom army.

The Lizardmen Army are humanoid in build but scaly and reptilian skinned. They fight soley in the Name of the Old Ones. The Old Ones created the Lizardmen and breed different spieces according to their various needs. The Lizardmen also have a fair amount of large beasts that have been captured and trained to fight in battle. Some of the more notable Beasts of Burden are:

Salamanders- Amphibious lizards that can spary acidic fire spray on enemiesLizardmen Miniature for the Warhammer Fantasy War Game

Carnisours- Giant dinosaurs that can be ridden into battle and cause massive damages

Stegadon- Another massive dinosaur that general has a carrier atop its back for leaders or bolt throwers

Thunder Lizards- Are the largest and meanests beasts of burden. They are even feared by the Lizardmen themselves

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