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Empire Models and Miniatures for Warhammer Fantasy

Trade, buy, and sell used and like new Empire Miniatures here on the Blue Table Painting Web Store. We carry hundreds of unique figures and get new trade ins on a daily bases. Build your perfect Empire Army at a fraction of the cost. 

The Empire is heavily influenced by the Gothic German era.  They are a human race that live West of the land of Bretonnia. They are ruled by the clergy and emporer, who is elected by popular vote.  The Empire Army is very diverse. They have a myriad of units including swordsman, archers, heavy artillery, witches and mages, gunman, and various heros, lords, and special characters. You can be creative as you want when building your own Empire Army. 

Empire Army Mage from the Warhammer Fantasy War Game Empire Army Model from the Warhammer Fantasy War Game

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