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Dwarf Miniatures of the Warhammer Fantasy War Game

View our inventory of pre-owned Dwarf Models for the Warhammer Fantasy Game. We are constantly getting new and unique trade ins and even new on spure items. Build your custom Dwarven Miniature Army to dominate your enemies in your next battle.

Dwarfs of the Warhammer Fantasy World are very similar to the Dwarves of Middle Earth. They are short and husky, very loyal and proud, and above all honor driven.  Unlike their dark brothers, Dwarves stay away from magic and the evil power it can wield. They are attracted to Gold and are known to hoard it. They also tend to hold grudges for centuries at a time. Dwarven Battle Armies consist of different key players including:

Warriors- These guys are mostly craftsmen, and trade workers. In times of war they are called out on active duty using what they have. Hammers, picks, and axes are used to plough their enemiesDwarven Miniatures for the Warhammer Fantasy War Game

LongBeards- Are seasoned warriors and have notibley long beards to prove it.

Slayers- These Dwarves have shamed their families and to gain their honor back have taken the Slayer Oath. They have pledged to hold nothing back and usually die in battle, redeeming their good name. 

IronBreakers- Are well trained under ground and in the various tunnels beneath the land. They are experienced at slaying goblins and skaven warriors.

Hammers- Are the Dwarg Kings personal bodyguards weilding giant hammers.

Thunderers and Quarrellers- Provide the heavy artillery and fire power for the Dwarven army.

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