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Daemons of Chaos

Daemons of Chaos Miniatures for Warhammer Fantasy

Choose from hundreds of pre-owned and new on sprue Daemon of Chaos Models from the popular Warhammer Fantasy War Game.  These Melevolant creatures come from the dark corners of the Realm of Chaos. Rifts in the mortal realm have allowed these Daemons to cross over and feed on energy. They can even become so powerful as to turn into gods. The hierarchy of the Daemons of Chaos Figures include:

Greater Daemons- Are the most powerful of the Chaos Gods minionsDaemons of Chaos for the Warhammer Fantasy War Game

Lesser Daemons- Resemble their gods but are around the same size as humanoids

Daemon Beasts- These are Beast like Daemons animals that can be used to hunt or battle

Specialized Daemons- Daemon Gods can create their own special breeds to do their bidding

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