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Chaos Dwarfs

Chaos Dwarfs Models from the Warhammer Fantasy War Game

Browse our huge selection of used and like new Chaos Dwarf Miniatures, models, and figures. Have them cleaned, and even reassembled and painted by our amazing staff of artists here at the Blue Table Painting Studio. 

Chaos Dwarfs are in likeness to their lighter dwarf brother. They have been tainted by Chaos and instead of staying away from magic, they are ruled by it.  They have several different kinds of sorcerers and mages and live by the rules they have set with magic.  The Chaos Dwarf Army is split into several different sections that can be upgraded and changed to fit your unique army.  

Chaos Dwarves from the Warhammer Fantasy War GameBlack Orcs- A special breed of orc, built by the Chaos Sorcerers that are stronger, and smarter

Hobgoblins- Thin and devilish creatures that are known to ride big wolves into battle

Monsters- Like the Taurus, are favored among the Chaos Dwarves in battle

War Machines- Chaos Dwarves are excellent engineers and have created the baddest of greater weapons