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Bretonnia Miniatures for Warhammer Fantasy

Take a look at our wide selection of Bretonnian Models for sale. We have like new and pre-owned figures available. You can even have our incredible staff of painters custom paint your army. Bretonnians live on the West side of the Empire. Their culture resembles that of Fuedal England including Lords, Enchantresses, and Damsels in Distress. Some of the most popular Bretonnian Miniatures include:

Bretonnian Miniatures for the Warhammer Fantasy War GameSpecial Characters- like King Louen Leoncoeur, The Fay Enchantress, and the Green Knight

Lords- Such as Bretonnian Lords, and the Prophetess of the Lady

Heroes- like Paladins, and the Damsel of the Lady

Core Units- Including Knights of the Realm, Knights Errants, Men at Arms, and Peasant Bowmen

Special Units- Such as Questing Knights, Mounted Yeomen, Pegasus Knights, and Grail Relique

Rare Units- Like Grail Knights, and Field Trebuchets

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