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Beastmen Miniatures for Warhammer Fantasy

Take a look at our Beastmen Miniatures to play in your one of a kind Warhammer Fantasy War Game. We carry quite a selection of unique pre-owned Beastmen Figures so start building your army today! 

Beastmen are mutated humans who have been cursed by Chaos. They are feared an hunted by others which forced them to hide in the forrests and mountains in their own herds. They are bloodthirsty, wild, and ferocious and bring with them the stench of a million deaths. Some of the different types of Beastmen Figures include: 

  • BeastLord- They are the leaders of the Beastmen and also the biggestBeastmen Miniature for Warhammer Fantasy War Game
  • Wargors- Are second in command to the beastmen
  • Bray Shaman- They are the spiritual giants of the herd and have the ability to cast powerful spells
  • Bestigors- These guys are fully decked out in armor and are recognized as elite among foes
  • Centigors- Unlike the elegance of Centaurs, these beasts have the lower half of an ox
  • Ungors and Gors- Make up the majority of the army and act as foot soldiers

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