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Tyranid Miniatures for Warhammer 40k 

Browse our giant selection of pre-owned and new on sprue Tyranid Miniatures and models. The Tryanids are based solely on building their own race. They travel in hives across the universe constantly evolving and growing stronger. The different types of Tyranid Figures include:

  • Hive Tyrant- Huge Leaders of the Tyranid armies.
  • Broodlords- Destructive in combat and highly feared.Tyranid Miniatures used in the Warhammer 40k War Game
  • Tyrant Guard- Soley breed to protect the hive tyrants
  • Tyranid Warrior- They are the foot soldiers of the army 
  • Lictors- These warriors are trained for stealth warfare.
  • Guants- Attack in large numbers and can mutate at will
  • Gargoyles- Winged creatures that are very similar in nature to Gaunts
  • Rippers- Resemble snakes and are used at the end of battle for gathering
  • Genestealers- Subhuman creatures that have developed perfect shreading claws
  • Carnifex- These guys are even stronger than Hive Tyrants, and highly venomous
  • Raveners- Designed for quick movement on the battle field
  • Zoanthropes- Use psychic warfare on the enemy
  • Biovores- Are Slow Tyranids that are used to spawn spore mines
  • Bio-Titans- The Largest Tyranid Miniature and can be the most deadly
  • Norn-Queens- Giant Tyranids that bare all known Tryanid creatures
  • Dominatrix- Acts as the connection between Norn Queens and ground troups
  • Trygons- Can tunnel under enemie lines and take them from the other side
  • Mawlocs- Resemble worms and are even blind. They can cause tremors to occur on the surface
  • The Hive Guard- Protect Hive structures and are armed with firepower. 

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