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Tau Miniatures used in the Miniature War Game Warhammer 40k

Tau Miniatures for Warhammer 40k

The Tau Models are a relatively young humanoid race who are extremely technologically advanced. They believe in the greater good and claim to be a peaceful people. If opposed however, they will resort to violent action.  The Tau use a caste system to control society but everyone is viewed to be part of the greater good.

Fire(Shas)- Is the military caste in the Tau Empire. 

Earth(Fio)- Laborers and Technicians, and also artisans, scientists and engineers.

Water(Por)- Composed of Merchants and Diplomats.

Air(Kor)- Funtion as messengers and make up the Tau Navy.

Ethereal(Aun)- ARe the Political and Religious leaders of the Tau.

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