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Space Wolves

The Space Wolves Models are well known for there barbarian life style and anti authoritarion ways. They organize themselves into packs instead of squads and refuse to follow the codex. They are known to be fearless but very unorganized. They have four primary types of Packs:

  • Blood Claws- Notoriously savage and bloodthirsty and prefer to fight with melee weaponsSpace Wolves Miniatures for the Warhammer 40k War Game
  • Swift Claws- Comprised of Bike Squads and Land Speeders they are a swift hard hitting assault force
  • Skyclaws- Entrusted with jump packs, this allows them to plow through the thick of battle
  • Grey Hunters- Promoted Blood Claws, these are stong and experienced warriors
  • Long Fangs- Literally have fangs. They have fought so long that nothing scares them
  • Wolf Guard- These are Space Wolves who have achieved greatness. They are the most experienced and honored warriors.