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Space Marines

Space Marines Miniatures for Warhammer 40k

Check out our selection of used Space Marine Miniatures. Create your custom Space Marine Army and take your gaming to the next level. We can even have them uniquely painted to fit with your other models. Space Marine Figures are the top defenders of the humanoids. They are genetically engineered to be superior to humans in almost everyway. Space Marines are nye untouchable and fearless. Some of the top purchased Space Marine Miniatures include:

Chapter Masters- They lead their lessers into battle fearlesslySpace Marines miniatures for the Warhammer 40k War Game

Honor Guard- Veteran Space Marines that have vast experience in battle

Space Marine Captain- Each of the ten Chapters has a Space Marine Captain

Lord Executioner- Serves as commander of the Assault Chapter

Master of Marches- Deploys entire armies into battle 

Master of Relics- He is incharge of the companies Devastator Chapter

Master of Rites- Records and captures the chapters martial traditions in combat

Master of the Fleet- Is said to have the most experience in void combat and serves as admiral

Master of Recruits- Takes command of recruitment and training Neophytes


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