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Necron Miniatures used in the Warhammer 40k War Game

Necron Miniatures for Warhammer 40k

Necron Models are a race of robotic skeletal warriors that have been dormant in stasis tombs for over 60 million years.  They are servants of C'tan, the Star Gods of Eldar myth.  The Necrons are completely robotic and are more technically advanced than any other race.  They have no compassion or empathy which makes them utterly ruthless.  Necrons rule by dynasties, the most Powerful of which are:

  • Sautekh- The most aggressive dynasty in attempting to revive the Necron race
  • Charnovokh- A once powerful dynasty has now been depleted to many but small and scattered systems
  • Oroskh- Are heavily infected by the Flayer Virus and are continually shrinking in number
  • Atun- Control many wonders of the galaxy and are ruled by Phaeron and his overlords
  • Ogdobekh- Are well known for there advanced technology and therefore have had better succes at stasis sleep.
  • Oruscar- Bitter rivals of the Sauthekh Dynasty
  • Nihilakh- Are very parochial. They are fierce warriors and destroyers
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