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Aeldari (Eldar)

We have a huge selection of pre-owned Eldar Miniatures and models for you to choose from. Have them painted by Blue Table Painting to create the best War Gaming experience possible. 

The Eldar Race are similar in appearance to Sylvan Elves. They are the most technologically advanced race in the galaxy besides the old ones and their arch enemy's the Necrons.  There are many different paths that an Eldar can take such as:

  • Dire Avengers- Represent the Eldar War God Khaines NoblenessEldar Miniature from the Warhammer 40k War game. Beautifully paint by Blue Table Painting
  • Dark Reapers- Represent Khaine as the destroyers
  • Eagle Pilot- Are experts in aerial combat
  • Fire Dragons- they are masters of heat weapons and deal in total annihilation 
  • Howling Banshees- Made up of female eldar, they specialise in melee combat
  • Shadow Spectres- Bringers of unexpected death on the battlefield
  • Shining Spears- Represent the spear of kaela mensha khaine, invincible weapons
  • Striking Scorpions- Armed with chainswords, shuriken pistols, and Mandiblasters
  • Swooping Hawks- Equipped with jump packs and stylized wings, they move rapidly across the battlefield
  • Warp Spiders- Equipped with jump generators, allows them to jump in and out of warp

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