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Drukhari (Dark Eldar)

Dark Eldar Miniatures are the corrupted kindred of Eldar.  They are an extremely advanced alien race. Dark Eldar participate in Piracy, enslavement, and are extremely sadistic.  They are unique in the fact that they do not settle on worlds, instead have concetrated there population in the city state of Commorragh. They are often used as mercenaries for other races. The different forces of the Dark Eldar are as follows:

  • Archon- Is the leader of each Kabal, or raiding force. They are the lords of Commorragh
  • Dark Eldar Miniatures for the Warhammer 40k War GameSuccubi- Are the elite of the Wych Vults. They are beautiful but deadly
  • Haemonculi- They are known for torture, pain and terror. They live beneath Commorragh 
  • Incubi- They live to perfect their craft and try to kill as many as possible
  • Wracks- Are surgically altered to become a walking instrument of eternal torture.
  • Hekatrix Bloodbrides- Are an unstoppable force in battle, annointed with blood from past foes.
  • Kabalite Trueborn- Naturally born, they are the most privileged in society. And are the elite warriors
  • Harlequins- Put on dazzling performances from Eldar mythology, but their real intentions are unknown
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