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Dark Angels

Dark Angel Models for Warhammer 40k War Game

Dark Angels Figures are considered to be the most powerful yet secretive of the Space Marine Chapters.  They strive to atone for ancient crimes of betrayal during the Great Crusade. They are the I Legion amongst the Space Marines and are very proud for it.  Some of the Specialty Ranks and Formations For the Dark Angel Miniatures are:

Supreme Grand Master- He is the only Dark Angel to know all of the secrets this chapter holdsDark Angels Miniatures for Warhammer 40k

Grand Master of the Deathwing- He is the master captain and natural successor of the Supreme Master

Grand Master of the Ravenwing- Serves as the master of the 2nd company

Grand Master of Librarians- Oversees the librarium,  and maintains all chapter records and secrets

Master Apothecary- Oversees all medical research and biological research.

Master of the Rock- Serves as the Armoury and vehicle master in the refinery

High Interrogator- Master at the art of interrogation and manipulation.

Grand Master of the Fleet- Most skilled at naval warfare and oversees the fleet

Company Master- Leads up to ten companies and is a hardened veteran.

Interrogator- Tasked to getting any fallen angel who has been captured to admit to their sins

Deathwing Knight- Most skilled fighting unit of the Dark Angels

Ravenwing Black Knight- Mounted on an assault bike and heavily armed to signify their exaulted status

Deathwing Command Squads- Highest ranking members are accompanied by them.

Dark Angels Command Squads- Company officers are often accompanied by them

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