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Chaos Daemons

Daemon of Chaos Miniatures for Warhammer 40k 

Daemon of Chaos Figures are like most satanic creatures, very intelligent yet highly malevolent.  They are the biggest asset to the Chaos Gods. A Daemons appearance reflect it's Gods nature. They are born when a Chaos God uses a portion of its own power to create it.  Therefore they are pure Warp energy. Some of the different types of Daemon Miniatures include:

  • Greater Daemons- Top of the hierarchy, must possess a mortals body to become fully manifested.Daemon Prince Miniature. Part of the Daemons of Chaos faction and the Warhammer 40k War Game
  • Daemon Princes- Some of the most powerful servents of Chaos. They go through constant change until perfected
  • Lesser Daemons- Foot soldiers of Chaos, and the most numerous. Very intellegent and calculating
  • Daemonic Creatures- Servants to the Daemons and sometimes to Chaos Gods or Champions
  • Daemonic Steeds- Prized mounts used by the most experienced Champions of Chaos.





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