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Blood Angels

Blood Angel Miniatures, Figures, and Accessories for Warhammer 40k

The Blood Angels Figures are one of the first legions of the Space Marines. They are well known across the galaxy as bloodthirsty in battle and also feared for their cursed Gene Seed.  They are plagued by uncontrollable thirst for blood.  Specialist Ranks for the Blood Angel Miniatures include:

  • Death Company- Have completely succumbed to the Black RageBlood Angel Miniatures used for the Warhammer 40k War Game
  • Sanguinary Guard- The best and most veteran of Astartes
  • Sanguinary Priests- Are the spiritual giants among the chapter
  • Chaplains- Their sole purpose is to guard against the Black Rage
  • Honour Guard- Their job is to guard the highest ranking Blood Angels
  • Deathstorm Strike Force- Used to combat mass enemies when out numbered

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