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BTP Elite

Painting Schemes

Click a Scheme name to see examples:

Legend of the Ages- Bone and Gold with a Green accent

Growing Hunger- Brown and Red with a Green accent

Swamp Master- Scurvy Green and Copper with and accent of Turquoise

Fallen Hero- Black and Orange with an accent of Purple

Sinister Strike- Black and Purple with Silver accents

Doom and Gloom- White and Green with Blue accents

Noble Crusade- White and Red with Silver accents

Dark Forge- Iron and Gold with Red accents

Brutal Vengeance- Black and Red with Silver accents

Fortune and Glory- Dark Blue with Gold and a Purple accent

Burning Sands- Yellows and Browns with a Red accent

Force of Nature- Grey and Blue with Red accents

Dust World Oasis- Tan and Red with Blue accents

Restless Dead- White and Pale Green with Blue accents

Power and Greed- Gold and Silver with Green accents

Frostbite- White and Blue with Purple accents

Junkyard- Green and Tin with Rusty Red accents

Swift Strike- Yellow and Orange with Blue accents

Clockwork- Steel and Brass with Blue accents

Razzle Dazzle- Teal and Purple with Pale Green

Twilight Woods- Greens and Browns with Yellow accents