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Freeblades miniatures from the Freeblades War GameFreeblades is a fantasy skirmish type wargame set in the world of Faelon. Freeblades are fortune hunters who contract with the many factions of Faelon. They are like pirates, with the ability to operate without constraint for a share of any plunder or profit they turn. Freeblades are also offered protection once they are inside a factions borders. Factions include:

  • Falkaar
  • Grular
  • Haradel
  • Kandor
  • Koronna
  • Kuzaarl
  • Mershael
  • Shakrim
  • Symidia
  • Thoremnal 
  • Traazor
  • Trilias
  • Urdaggar
  • Varkraal

Faelon has hundreds of unique creatures roaming the land including Meol, or normal animals, Zarn(dinosaurs), and Azal(demons). Dreaded Drameol(half demon, half animal), and Ormiryn(devils) also stalk the dark corners of this land and are sent to to Faelon to do the bidding of their masters. 

Blue Table Painting offers all available Freeblade models. We also offer a highly professional assembly and painting service. Get your miniatures painted at high levels to ensure the best gaming experience available. 

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